Wardah Youth Ambassador is a place where young women gather and move together to support each other in moving for greater good, especially in beauty & fashion industry. JOIN NOW!

General Task WYA

1. Contribute in Beauty Moves Youth (Roadshow, Fest, Community); Pop Up Beauty Roadshow; Local Hype Places & youth community activation

  • As additional speaker, MC, moderator
  • As event dealer/executor 

2. Social Media Ambassador: Create virality in social media about Wardah event / Wardah products 

  • Create hype in social media 
  • Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube posting
  • Buzzer, nano influencer Wardah

General Benefits WYA

  • Privilege to join Wardah events in area/head office (JFW, IFW, etc) 
  • Privilege to try Wardah new products
  • Monthly hampers
  • Development program
  • Wardah Youth Ambassador bootcamp
  • Wardah Youth Ambassador Merchandise 
  • Photoshoot for Wardah Youth Ambassador identity 
  • Visit Wardah plant/offline gathering
  • Monthly rewards


10 October - 14 November 2022

  • Create creative video on Instagram/Tiktok. Theme: 'Aku dan Wardah'
  • Follow IG @wardahbeauty on Instagram and @wardahofficial on Tiktok
  • Mention your friends to join Wardah Youth Ambassador
  • Use hashtag: #WardahYouthAmbassador and current viral hashtag on Tiktok/Instagram
  • Tag @wardahbeauty on your Instagram reels / @wardahofficial on your Tiktok video
  • Register at bit.ly/DaftarWYA22

16 November 2022

Wardah Youth Ambassador Announcement